• Funding Assistancehelping communities aquire funding for waterway projects
  • Project Consultationhelping communities plan and manage waterway projects
  • Volunteershelping communities find volunteers to assist with waterway projects
Funding Assistance1 Project Consultation2 Volunteers3
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Funding for Michigan's waterway projects

MichiganWater.org assists communities in fundraising activities including grant reasearch and application assistance as well as social media campaigning, media development and press releases. 

Project Consultation for selected projects

StreamMichiganWater.org provides project planning, coordination and management of selected projects. 

All projects selected will receive a Project Advisor to assist them in working with contractors, legislative & government officials as well as volunteers to achieve project goals.

Projects are selected based on goals for improvements in water quality, wildlife habitat and community improvement.

From planning through execution and completion, MichiganWater.org will be there to ensure sucessful project outcomes.

Volunteer Recruitment for projects

MichiganWater.org helps communties find Project Volunteers to help with projects.  Often times not all of the work that needs to be done to complete a project can be funded.  This is when we rely on the assistance of volunteers.  We will help you find volunteers to help with cleanup, excavation and other activities as needed on a project. 

We also seek out Volunteer Members who help with administrative activities including social media development and maintenance, email campaigning and other activities.